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Green Solutions

The Business Recycling Cost Model
From Green Solutions

How It Works

The cost model takes you through a 4-step process-

  1. Enter data on current waste volumes.
  2. Enter data on the composition of your garbage or use data in the model.
  3. Enter data on the raw costs for recycling or other activities.
  4. View the results, including the amount of waste diverted, net savings or cost, cost per ton, and other.

What Is It?

The Business Recycling Cost Model is a tool which assists you in evaluating your bottom line for recycling and waste reduction programs.

Who Benefits From Using the Cost Model?

The Business Recycling Cost Model can be very helpful to medium to large businesses and institutions who are examining their own recycling and waste reduction programs, as well as government agencies and consultants who are providing assistance to this group.

The list of customers for the cost model includes a variety of businesses (from construction companies to movie producers), trade associations, garbage haulers and recycling companies, universities, cities, counties, state and regional agencies, and consultants.

What Can It Do?

The Business Recycling Cost Model is designed to be:

Easy to use, designed to provide results with minimal plug-in-the-blank effort.

Used for evaluating solid waste management options (for garbage and recyclables) for individual businesses.

Used with existing software (assumes you have access to Microsoft Excel 5.0 or newer)

Flexible, can be used to address a variety of situations, such as:

  • The costs and results of new or expanded recycling programs.
  • The net savings from waste reduction or prevention activities.
  • The net cost of using recycled materials in a manufacturing process.
  • The savings from changes in garbage handling practices.

Green Solutions
South Prairie Washington

Contact : Rick Hlavka
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