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World Association Of Domain Name Developmers, Inc. (WADND)
1. To foster and construct a worldwide organization whereby internet users find desired results with maximum efficiency while web vendors achieve profitability through the demand created by an unlimited supply of 'quality' visitors.
2. To represent the premier companies, personnel and domainers who make up the industry in a professional organization where their talents, integrity, ethics and internet abilities to create and increase meaningful traffic on the web are recognized.
3. To enhance the value of internet traffic by educating commercial websites in how to close more sales and increase their income; that not all traffic is created equal; that they need to know the source of their traffic to make the most effective use of it.
4. To educate the general public on how to use the internet more efficiently and effectively and to develop true economic relationships with emphasis on domain name ownership and business returns on investments therein.
5. To develop standards of practice and ethics for domainers and commercial website owners to follow and increase the public perception of the professionalism of the industry.
Let us help to clarify what we see the mission of the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF DOMAIN NAME DEVELOPERS. (WADND)
This is a group that wants to enhance the value of DOMAINS and TRAFFIC by educating websites and sponsors on how to CLOSE MORE SALES as well as alert it's members to those sponsors that may not share this goal, have substandard payouts, and/or may be doing business in a less than transparent or unethical manner.
The value of a click is only as much as the sponsor you send it to and how much money THEY make. More sales will make the value of traffic go up as well as the domain name in which that traffic came from.
Our MISSION is to make SPONSORS and ADVERTISERS more money by educating them to the FACT that not all traffic is created equal even though they are likely priced the same. How they need to learn the SOURCE of the traffic. How their websites need to be effective so they don't WASTE the TRAFFIC. How they need to appreciate potent and targeted traffic created by domains as opposed to general traffic.

World Association Of Domain Name Developmers, Inc. (WADND)
Pembroke Pines Florida

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