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* All prices are quoted as prepaid rates and are subject to change. Please confirm all rates at time of order.
* Prices quoted at : May 27, 2007
* All prices are quoted in US funds.
* Services are usually activated within 3-5 business days after receipt of payment.
Internet Domain Name Registration

Internet Domain Names

A corporate domain name creates a unique identity for locating your company worldwide. No two domain names are the same. Domain names consist of a unique name and a domain type (e.g. .com, .us, .org, etc.). Most businesses select the ".com" type because it represents the short form for "commercial" entity. In recent years, the Internet has come to support several different types of domain types. Some are outlined below:
  • .COM : used by COMmercial entities
  • .CA : a country specific type, used by anyone/company located in the Canada
  • .ORG : used often by ORGanizations
  • .NET : used often by Internet portal businesses who maintain networks
Once your domain name is registered and activated, it is physically assigned to a specific Internet server (computer) on the Internet - referred to as the Registrar. For example, the domains for most of our clients are physically located on OUR servers.

Domain names are the high tech equivalent to a telephone number, but with several significant distinctions and benefits.

  • A domain name can be any combination (within reason) of words and/or numbers you choose
  • A domain name can be used to enhance brand recognition by using brands or trademarks which you rights to in the domain name
  • A domain name represents your company's stake to a piece of "property" on the Information Highway / World Wide Web (WWW), and can be used to increase sales, reduce operating/marketing expenses, improve customer services, etc. - to further your company's business goals.

Registering a New Domain Name

The first action to take when your company is ready to register a domain name, is to search the Internet to ensure the domain name is available to use; that is to say, that some other company has not registered the name before you.

Once the domain name is confirmed to be available, it can be registered immediately. It is advisable to pay immediate for the registration by credit card so that the domain name can not be registered and purchased by someone else. Payment for the service finalizes the registration step and secures the domain name's ownership.

Enter the domain name you are interested in registering.
(a free service)

Transferring an Existing Domain Name

Transferring your domain refers to moving your domain from its existing location to RecycleNet Corporation servers. Since a transfer involves working with the current Registrar their customer service people, RecycleNet Corporation can not guarantee your domain will transferred. Your domain must be active and paid in full with the current Registrar or the transfer request will be declined. A transfer request can be denied in the following cases:
  • the domain in is not yet 60 days old
  • the existing registrar has the name locked for either non-payment or at the end user's request. The requesting party needs to contact the existing registrar to resolve
  • the domain name is in dispute.
  • the name has been deleted
  • the admin contact email address on the domain is invalid
When a transfer is requested, the admin contact email address listed on the domain will receive an email message from both the current Registrar and from RecycleNet Corporation asking that person to authorize the transfer. Be sure to watch for those messages as there is a limit on the time one has to respond.

If the transfer request fails, we will contact you to provide assistance. If your transfer fails, we will credit you back the transfer fee.

Transfers can take up to 9 days to process. It is advisable to transfer your domain at least 30 days before it expires to allow time to re-submit if an issue should arise.

Renewals & Savings

  • All services are provided on a prepaid basis. Activation of service occurs immediately upon receipt of payment in full

  • This service may be purchaced on a annual basis with an easy on-line sign-up and renewal payment system via credit card. (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express)

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