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"HOW TO" use the Internetrix Exchange (ITX) click on the above logo.

Buy / Sell / Trade Listings Submission

The Internetrix Exchange (ITX) is a membership based worldwide information exchange for those companies and individuals who BUY/SELL/TRADE commodities, materials, goods and services relevant to this industry.

Adding Your Buy / Sell / Trade Listing
  • any company or individual with access to the Internet may add to the listings posted in the Exchange
  • all listings are logically organized by Section, then by Category and then by Grade of material.
  • all listings submitted to the Internetrix Exchange (ITX) must have a valid email address and valid contact information
  • all listings submitted to the Internetrix Exchange (ITX) must include a valid quantity and price
  • Users (non-members) of the Internetrix Exchange (ITX) may post up to 5 Buy / Sell / Trade listings every 30 days.
    Members have the ability to post additional Buy / Sell / Trade listings
** NOTICE **
Submissions with invalid or incomplete information


Listing Rejection Policy:

The Internetrix Exchange (ITX) reserves the right to exclude any or all listing submissions.

Listings are Rejected for several reasons. The most common reasons are outlined below:

  • listing was too general -- listings must be for specific Buy or Sell orders because this is a trading system
  • listing does not include a valid quantity and price
  • listing included company promotional information in listing,
    e.g. web site address
  • listing included company contact information in the content-body of the ad
  • listing included invalid contact information in the business card section of the form
  • listing is not applicable to the desired category
  • listing duplicates another listing submitted in the past
  • listing included profanity or other unacceptable language
  • etc.
Replying To A Buy/Sell/Trade Listing
  • You may reply to a listing by entering your email address and filling out the response form
  • a valid reply must be a direct response to the item that has been posted
  • anyone who responds on mass to listings with general replys like "call me" or are attempting to solicit some product or service will be disregarded
Standard Disclaimer The Internetrix Exchange (ITX) is an electronic information service designed to promote trade by bringing buyers and sellers (suppliers) together using the Internet.

The Internetrix Exchange (ITX) assumes no liability for errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations pertaining to the Internetrix Exchange (ITX) listings.

The Internetrix Exchange (ITX) assumes no responsibility for any and all details, agreements, and terms between the buyer and seller.

The Internetrix Exchange (ITX) reserves the right to exclude any or all listing submissions.

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