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* All prices are quoted as prepaid rates and are subject to change. Please confirm all rates at time of order.
* Prices quoted at : Feb 21, 2007
* All prices are quoted in US funds.
* Services are usually activated within 3-5 business days after receipt of payment.
Super Priority Link Service

Super - Priority Link
A Complete Custom Advertising Solution

for as little as 
for 1000 click throughs
minimum prepaid bundle: 
$1000.00  for 1,000 click throughs


A Pay Per Click Advertising Solution

Super Pay Per Click takes all the confusion out of ad purchasing and ad placement within  For as little as $1.00 per page visit (click through) our system makes your company a priority, and makes qualified sales prospects aware of your company's products and services.  

With Super Pay Per Click - you are in the driver's seat - you setup your account and you choose the key industry directories which relate to your line of business.   Upon expiry of the 1000 click throughs, you choose to renew and continue the ad campaign or leave it expired.  You may view the current performance report anytime 24/7.

Once your account is activated, our system goes to work at driving qualified sales leads to your online business card and web presence.  Once prospects reach your business card, they are provided with your company's full contact information and provided with the option to reply to your company using a qualifying reply form, or learn more about your company by visiting its corporate website.

Super Priority Link Service Includes:

  1. An Online Business Card which includes 
    • your company's full contact information, 
    • a lead qualifying reply form, 
    • a link to your company's primary website 
    • and a detailed business description / profile.
  2. A full color graphic mini-ad placed on key industry pages throughout
  3. Comprehensive cross indexing on key industry pages throughout and other related sites within our network of industry web sites.
  4. Basic Membership privileges and full access to online industry directories of associations, publications, business and equipment dealers.
  5. The ability to post up to 20 BUY/SELL/TRADE Exchange Listings with photos.
    Post your company's offerings in the Exchange
    and reach qualified buyers/sellers immediately.

minimum prepaid bundle: 
$1000.00  for 1,000 click throughs

(Prices quoted as at : Feb 21, 2007)

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